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Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason
Dave Rolsky
Ken Williams

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Appendix B: Object Constructor Parameters

This appendix provides a quick reference to all the constructor parameters of the major pieces of the Mason framework. See Chapter 6 or the official Mason documentation for more detail, including information on how and where to specify them.

It's important to understand the relationships among the various pieces of Mason's framework; Figure B-1 shows how they relate to one another. Keep in mind that you can pass any class's parameters to a class that contains it. For example, you can pass any Compiler parameters to the new() method of the Interpreter, ApacheHandler, or CGIHandler. In the figure, the solid arrows indicate a "contains one" relationship, and the dashed arrows indicate a "contains many" relationship.

Figure B-1. An outline for the Mason framework


Name Type Default Description
autohandler_name (MasonAutohandlerName) string autohandler The filename to use for Mason's 'autohandler' capability
code_cache_max_size (MasonCodeCacheMaxSize) string 10485760 The maximum size of the component code cache
compiler (MasonCompiler) object HTML::Mason::Compiler::ToObject->new A Compiler object for compiling components
data_dir (MasonDataDir) string A directory for storing cache files and other state information
ignore_warnings_expr (MasonIgnoreWarningsExpr) regex qr/Subroutine .* redefined/i A regular expression describing Perl warning messages to ignore
preloads (MasonPreloads) list A list of components to load immediately when creating the Interpreter
resolver (MasonResolverClass) object HTML::Mason::Resolver::File->new A Resolver object (or class) for fetching components from storage
static_source (MasonStaticSource) boolean 0 When true, we only compile source files once
use_object_files (MasonUseObjectFiles) boolean 1 Whether to cache component objects on disk
Table B-1.


Name Type Default Description
autoflush (MasonAutoflush) boolean 0 Whether output should be buffered or sent immediately
data_cache_defaults (MasonDataCacheDefaults) hash A hash of default parameters for Cache::Cache
dhandler_name (MasonDhandlerName) string dhandler The filename to use for Mason's 'dhandler' capability
error_format (MasonErrorFormat) string text How error conditions are returned to the caller (brief, text, line or html)
error_mode(MasonErrorMode) string fatal How error conditions are manifest (output or fatal)
max_recurse (MasonMaxRecurse) string 32 The maximum recursion depth for component, inheritance, and request stack
out_method (MasonOutMethod) code sub { package HTML:: Mason::Request; print STDOUT grep({defined $_;}@_); } A subroutine or scalar reference through which all output will pass
Table B-2.


Name Type Default Description
comp_root (MasonCompRoot) list DocumentRoot in a web setting, current directory in a standalone setting A string or array of arrays indicating the search path for component calls
Table B-3.


Name Type Default Description
apache_status_title (MasonApacheStatusTitle) string HTML::Mason status The title of the Apache::Status page
args_method(MasonArgsMethod) string mod_perl Whether to use or Apache::Request for parsing the incoming HTTP request
decline_dirs (MasonDeclineDirs) boolean 1 Whether Mason should decline to handle requests for directories
interp (MasonInterpClass) object HTML::Mason::Interp->new A Mason interpreter object (or class) for processing components
Table B-4.


Name Type Default Description
allow_globals (MasonAllowGlobals) list [ ] An array of names of Perl variables that are allowed globally within components
default_escape_flags (MasonDefaultEscapeFlags) string Escape flags that will apply by default to all Mason tag output
lexer (MasonLexerClass) object HTML::Mason::Lexer->new A Lexer object (or class) that will scan component text during compilation
postprocess_perl (MasonPostprocessPerl) code A subroutine through which all Perl code will be sent during compilation
postprocess_text (MasonPostprocessText) code A subroutine through which all plain text will be sent during compilation
preprocess (MasonPreprocess) code A subroutine through which all component text will be sent during compilation
Table B-5.









Table of Contents | Foreword | Preface
Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Appendices: A B C D
Glossary | Colophon | Copyright

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