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Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason
Dave Rolsky
Ken Williams


Review by James Lance at Provo Linux Users Group site - 04/19/2004

James Lance of the Provo Linux Users Group recently reviewed the book, and gave it a 9 out of 10.

Book pseudo-POD and source => HTML converter available - 03/21/2003

The book's pseudo-POD source and the script used to convert it to HTML are now available. When viewing the book you'll see a link to both at the bottom of each page.

Review by Simon Cozens - 01/31/2003

Simon Cozens has written a review of the book for the site.

Updated Apprentice site tarball (version 0.18) - 01/22/2003

The list of required modules in the INSTALL doc wasn't quite right. A new tarball is available. This is hopefully the last of many updates over the past few days.

Updated Apprentice site tarball (version 0.17) - 01/22/2003

A few more updates to the installation instructions. Please note that this site does not work with versions of Mason before 1.10. A new tarball is available.

Updated Apprentice site tarball (version 0.16) - 01/21/2003

The updated installation instructions weren't quite updated enough. A couple lines were left out of the Apache/mod_perl config. A new tarball is available.

Updated Apprentice site tarball (version 0.15) - 01/20/2003

The Apprentice site tarball has been updated and now includes better, more complete installation instructions.

Free online version is available - 01/08/2003

The free (as in beer) online version of the book is now available. This version does not yet include the index, and it may still be a bit rough around the edges. It does include corrections for all the errata items reported so far.

Once I'm confident that there are no major errors yet to be fixed, the book source (in POD-alike language ORA invented) and the tool used to convert it to HTML will be made available.

Book review by Andy Lester - 01/06/2003

A review of the book by Andy Lester was recently published in The Perl Review, Volume 0, Issue 7. Andy has given us permission to reproduce the review here as well.

Praise/Quotes page added - 11/07/2002

I just added a "Praise" page. We're starting to get feedback on the book, and so far its all been quite positive.

Highest sales rank: 870 - 10/27/2002

Book is available online - 10/27/2002

The book is available from online retailers.

Authors receive copies, source code is available online - 10/12/2002

Copies have been shipped to the authors (whee!), so I expect it'll be available in stores and online real soon now. Just for yucks, I put the example code online.

O'Reilly posts book preview - 10/03/2002

O'Reilly has put the table of contents, index, and a sample chapter online.