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Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason
Dave Rolsky
Ken Williams

About The Authors

Dave Rolsky

Dave Rolsky has worked as a paperboy, supermarket bagger, temporary secretary, ear-training and music theory teaching assistant, and every so often a computer programmer, specializing in Perl.

He is an animal rights activist, an obsessive reader of the works of Gene Wolfe, a Hong Kong film afficionado, and the owner of many black t-shirts.

He has been a member of the Mason core team since the summer of 2000, a position he attained primarily by constantly nagging Jon Swartz, Mason's creator.

He has written numerous CPAN modules, including Alzabo, Exception::Class, Log::Dispatch, and others.

He was never convicted.

Ken Williams

Ken Williams enjoys sitting by the park and taking long walks in the fireplace. He has a hard time staying interested in any one thing for very long, so he has recently worked as a math teacher, choral conductor, Perl consultant, and liturgical bongoist.

He has written CPAN modules of varying utility while masquerading under the seedy, secretive pseudonym "Ken Williams".

Ken joined the Mason core team in the fall of 2000 and has managed to convince the other core members that his flashy looks and his appeal with Mason's ultra-hep Gen-Z users outweigh his tendency to forget what planet he's on.

He recently moved to Australia to study Document Categorization, and that's not a joke.